Monday, January 09, 2023

The blue screen of death ...

 The blue screen of death takes on new meaning with Microsoft trying to redo AR glasses grunts hate to the max. When reading the The Byte's blurb titled US ARMY BUYING MICROSOFT AR AFTER SOLDIERS SAID THEY “WOULD HAVE GOTTEN US KILLED”, channeling Windows NT, the worst operating system ever, comes to mind does it not?

In response to some pretty serious complaints from grunts, the US Army is ordering a redesign of its super-expensive Microsoft mixed reality headsets, on the taxpayers' dime.

"The Army announced today they awarded a task order to Microsoft for high-tech battlefield goggles that are based on [HoloLens]," tweeted Politico defense reporter Lee Hudson, referencing the unpopular augmented reality (AR) goggles that made waves last fall after internal reports leaked about how much soldiers hated them.

It will cost us a cool $22 billion to fix a fubar that never should have happened but hey, what do I know, I'm just a tax payer along the lines of being a mushroom, kept in the dark while being fed bullshit.

Gobbledygook or there the art of political jargon applies ....

Last October, reports emerged that the Microsoft AR goggles, which had been in development for two years and were part of a contract worth up to $22 billion, were far from a soldier favorite, with one tester describing lighting on the original model that could have alerted opponents to their locations.

"The devices would have gotten us killed," that Army tester was quoted as saying in an internal report dictated to Insider. A Microsoft employee that spoke to the website added that the demo device failed four out of its six evaluation criteria.

"The new goggles include a new form factor based on feedback received in soldier testing," Hudson added, again referencing leaks about the goggles' disastrous testing responses from soldiers. She also noted that "incremental testing" on the new goggle model will begin in September, and that the final delivery order "will be placed after qualification and operational testing."

The AR version of NT strikes yet again.

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