Friday, January 13, 2023

Just a matter of time/Rev II

AI, 3d imaging and a great sense of putting together the right set of words enables one to put together work like this in seconds. In the near future, steps needed to convert stills like this into video will include, in this case, combining output from  Midjourney, the AI that generated this 3D environment, to a film script generated by GTP-3 before submitting the dataset to an AI entity able to convert and direct the content in question when creating films like Dune in literally hours and not years, something discussed in BRT blurbs Just a matter of time and Something to think about. 

As stated before in Sleepwalking, the "invasion" of AI into anything requiring thought is a done deal. The question to ask next is, when does it become sentient, something now openly discussed by the researchers quoted in the Sleepwalking piece.

Yours truly is experimenting with Midjourney and DALL. E 2 as we speak. Work to come ...


Dalle.E 2 came fairly close in visualizing the 1805 Thomas Young double slit experiment as seen by the pix below (It failed to render the two slits) but it's not entirely its fault as I forgot to add the second surface in my text describing where the interference pattern would form after the photons passed thru the two slits cut thru the first. View diagram below to see what I mean.
Will do more of these pieces without question. :)

This is how Young did it but with a candle, not an electron beam gun. :)

This is, IMHO, the most beautiful physics experiment ever.

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