Monday, June 14, 2021

Random Walk XX

A short clip ranging from water to flowers in yet another random walk taken by yours truly. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Altogether now ...

Biodiversity and climate change are two sides of the same coin and both must be addressed simultaneously if we are to save ourselves from a dark future of our own making. Rewild the world as per David Attenborough is the first thing to do now as without the natural world and its inherent link to biodiversity, civilization, as we know it, will be gone in a flash. 


Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Alien ... Earth style :)

Morays are Earth's version of the Alien as seen by the clip above. Awesome without question. :)

All bony fishes — those with skeletons made mostly of bone, rather than cartilage — have pharyngeal jaws in addition to their main jaws. Pharyngeal jaws lie behind the pharynx, or throat. They are smaller than the jaws in fishes' mouths and are used for gripping and piercing or crushing food, according to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. 

But unlike most fishes' pharyngeal jaws, those in moray eels "are highly mobile" and can spring past the throat and into the morays' mouths, said Rita Mehta, an associate professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC).

Long muscles pull morays' pharyngeal jaws forward to grasp prey and then slide it down their throats. (Image credit: Zina Deretsky, National Science Foundation (after Rita Mehta, UC Davis))

Our homegrown alien indeed. :)

Draught 101

Anybody buying a house in AZ is nuts.

Friday, June 11, 2021


Global warming, the 900lb gorilla, is alive and well but we already know that, right?

Pine Island Glacier, one of the fastest-shrinking glaciers in Antarctica, hastened its slide into the sea between 2017 and 2020, when one-fifth of its associated ice shelf broke off as massive icebergs, a new study reveals.

The glacier sped up another time in recent history, between the 1990s and 2009, when warm ocean currents ate away at the underside of the ice shelf, destabilizing its structure and causing the glacier to accelerate toward open water, according to a 2010 report in the journal Geophysical Research Letters

GW acceleration enters primetime 24/7.

Makeup :)

So glad I'm a guy save for the shaving bit. :)



 Google Uses AI to Design Computer Chips in Just 6 Hours

The last step in AI ascendency is the ability for said tech to design chips in just 6 hours versus the 6 month  process done by us. Warms the cockles of one's heart does it not?

Google says it has developed a way of using deep reinforcement learning (RL) to create computer chip floorplanning in just six hours — a complicated feat that typically requires humans months to achieve. 

The chips Google's AI develops are on par or superior than those humans can create, the team explained in its paper published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, June 9. 

In a first for one of its commercial products, Google's research is being used for the company's upcoming tensor processing unit (TPU) chips, which are optimized for AI computation.

So Google's AI method to design chips can eventually be used to improve and quicken the future development of AI. 

Perhaps our final invention? "No one knows, do one ..."  - Fats Waller

Wednesday, June 09, 2021


This pix, taken by yours truly, represents an object with great invisibilities as we see nothing of how the building was made, the raw materials used or the tech involved to erect said sky scraper in the first place and ... we haven's even discussed basic research in learning about what base materials needed to be known beforehand prior to building the construct in the first place. What's interesting about this is the fact the great invisibility applies to virtually everything in reality from dust motes to the universe as everything's connected at levels we will never fully understand.

Beginning in 2013, yours truly became fascinated by the fact infinities reside in finite space as shown by geniuses Georg Cantor, Karl Menger and Benoit Mandelbrot, among significant others, which became a series of blurbs in BRT that indirectly connects to the great invisibilities of everything known to exist in a entangled reality we will never fully understand.