Friday, August 18, 2017

Exquisite Control

How to fly a drone with exquisite control. Simply amazing. Enjoy.


BRT has long talked about the disastrous 60+ year US foreign policy debacle with the start point of same beginning with the CIA assassination of Iran's democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953 in favor of the Shah. Since then, it's been downhill ever since with fubars too numerous to count in this particular blurb but not in BRT when you click here to see why this is so.


What's wrong with this picture besides the complete lack of a strategic vision in any way, shape or fashion.

Nature never disappoints/Rev IV

A Little Touch of Yellow

A Tiny Blur

Blue Madness

Sturgeon Moon

An Inconvenient Truth or Trump, the hollow man

An Inconvenient Truth or Trump, the hollow man, as POTUS, has been a disaster and the people who voted for him now realize their mistake based on so many issues that truly boggle the mind. 

With that being said, like all Americans I had hopes that maybe he could act upon issues I did agree with but nada, he could not deliver as he lacks the inner discipline and competence, along with a true core of self worth, to make a difference in terms of affecting policy change this country so desperately needs as we move further into the 21st century. 

'Nuff said, for now.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Behind door No. 1

This Karl Popper inspired graphic neatly ties in with not only the double edged sword of the 1st Amendment where the proper application of free speech should always insure the fact that "No one has the right to not be offended" but also with how history itself should be recorded, i.e.
  1. Does one face the unpleasant history of racism (Lost Cause Confederate installs etc, etc.)  or 
  2. Does one consign said parts of this history to the memory hole
As for yours truly, I opt for No. 1.

Moving to Europe ... for science

Now that our "wonderful" president has bowed out of the Paris Accords  by continuing to pollute the planet unabated using dirty tech like coal to make America "great" again, France, and other countries have invited climatologists to move to Europe to continue research to see how man can mitigate the impact of a slow motion catastrophe of our own making.

After France made its offer, others have followed: Germany plans to launch its own website as a partner to the initiative. The U.K. also launched a new fund–though not specifically focused on climate–designed to attract international researchers. Canada is similarly investing in a new program to attract international researchers.

France’s program, like the others, is open worldwide, but Americans make up many of the applicants, likely both because of the strength of American academia and business and the current political climate. “I think everybody is definitely more concerned than usual about what might happen over the next three or four years,” says Rothenberg. “In terms of climate science, it doesn’t seem like stuff has been targeted too much yet, but you couldn’t pay me to go work at the EPA right now. That seems like a bad idea.” Trump wants to cut thousands of jobs at the EPA, and the administration offers little support for its work. Scientists who recently prepared a detailed report on the effects of climate change in the U.S. are afraid that the Trump administration will dismiss it.

The French government is hoping that more researchers will want to collaborate with their French counterparts. For anyone who applies, from clean tech startups to nonprofits, Macron’s clear support for climate action should be a draw. The country itself–and its wine and cheese–is part of the package.

“Should you move to France, you would see that the level of education is good, the level of healthcare is good . . . all of these are part of the picture,” says the Elysée source. “Obviously, you don’t move for that, but it’s part of the equation in the end.”

C'est bon sans question. :)