Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Wolf Moon - Prelude to Winter

Early December is the prelude to winter with the Wolf Moon as the master of ceremony. Enjoy.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Colonization - of all kinds :)

Excellent take on colonization of all kinds. 

Beyond Real Time has arrived

Beyond Real Time is the graphic holy grail whereby if one can generate a realistic HD 3D scene at 60 frames/sec, the rendering of same is beyond the ability for us rubes to perceive. Nvidia and Radeon are achieving this objective as we speak.

Stellar says it all.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The definition of Assume is ... :)

The definition of Assume is ... :)

It's a Utility, Stupid

Its a Utility Stupid.

Wired's terrific article, Ajit Pai's Shell Game, demystifies what's really at stake regarding Pai's move to privatize the net by describing how small town Wilson, North Carolina turned the net into a utility, thus ending Time Warner's ability to rip off its citizens 24/7, a process that can be done by any town in America that has the guts to do it.

The real problem is a complete absence of leadership and policy aimed at making sure that low-priced, ubiquitous, world-class fiber optic services reach every home and business. Left to their own devices, the giant US companies Pai is determined to protect have every incentive to divide markets, avoid capital investments in upgrades to fiber that reach everyone, charge as much as they can get away with, and leave out poorer and rural people. That is in fact what has happened here.

The differences between the way the unrestrained, profit-at-all-costs-driven operators run things and the way a public interest-driven operator acts are obvious. For a clear illustration, take a look at Wilson, North Carolina.

I recently traveled to Wilson, a town in the eastern part of the state that is known to most as an exit ramp on Interstate 95. I found it to be a scrappy place with a tradition of taking the long view—most notably by successfully deploying a low-priced fiber optic service. Earlier this decade, the citizens of Wilson weren’t happy with the low-capacity connections and poor customer service offered by Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum). Wilson already had a public electric utility, so it was familiar with the benefits of operating a utility in the public interest. It built its own fiber optic network, and today offers 50 Mbps service (equal uploads and downloads) for $40 a month.

This can be done without question. Take back the net and take back America at the same time because it's the right thing to do.

A Zen Space

Huntington State Park in Redding, CT is a pretty cool place with a zen like feel as seen in this short clip.