Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Illium, the pro version of Lytro's light field system, is, IMHO, a stealth vehicle for video as the tech allows interactive focus to be done on every still shot taken with the camera, something that could be moved into video if there is enough compute power to do the deed, thus transforming video into an art form able to be manipulated in ways impossible to do with todays existing technology. From this perspective, it wouldn't surprise me if Apple bought Lytro because the science behind the tech is really cool and disruptive, notions that would have intrigued Steve Jobs to no end. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Grand Illusions

3D CG and projection mapping, amazing when done right as seen in Box by
Bot & Dolly, an incredible video without question.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Like the Supreme Court in Citizens United and McCutcheon, the FCC also plays favorites after violating it's strongly held beliefs as stated back in 2010.

Systematically, the principles of this once great nation are being hijacked by the oligarchs via the courts and congress while the middle class is being crushed out of existence. Everywhere around us, we see our environment being destroyed, our food compromised by GMOs, college education priced out of existence, our civil rights being violated 24/7 and healthcare devolving into a ridiculously expensive and inefficient system increasingly unable to meet the needs of the public, conditions that could become the start point of a revolution as seen by an all too relevant quote by Thomas Paine when seeing what is transpiring today in a country called America. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Les français ont du style

The French have such style in 3D animation as seen in this wonderful short titled
Minuscule - Lady Bug. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Fox News - It's NCAA, It's NCAA :)

Words cannot describe...

Kelvin Wave

Anomalies, anomalies, the more the merrier as they are prime drivers in showing that GW's alive and well, particularly when considering just how hot the world's going to get, thanks to a monster Kelvin Wave coming our way this summer, AKA El Nino

The collapse of the Antarctic Bottom Water anyone?

And So It Begins

Phase Transitions, as BRT readers know, are a big deal on this blog as they are exponential and, when the transition is ready to go, just a little push, makes it real. In the case of the Petrodollar and the Ukraine, the push has just happened and, So It Begins.

It gets better.

Let's see if the mainline press covers this.

I Can Relate to This :)

Any questions? :)

Terrorism Defined...

When it comes to religion, BRT doesn't have any save that everyone has the right to believe in anything they want as long as said belief doesn't interfere with the rights of people possessing beliefs, or lack thereof, different from their own. With this in mind, consider Saudi Arabia's doubling down on what defines terrorism, interesting to say the least. Paragraph 3 kind of says it all. - BRT

Any questions?

Monday, April 07, 2014

Something Eerie This Way Comes

The Profit Motive

The profit motive, in the case of Apple, is OK. Build really good hardware, charge a righteous price for it and see if people buy, especially if you can deliver the goods in a timely and efficient manner, something Apple does in spades. The other part of the Apple equation is the fact you have a choice. You can buy other hardware to do the same work. It might not be as nice as Apple in look and feel but no big deal because digital is digital and Windows' apps are every bit as good as Apple's when it comes to getting the job done, but what does one do when one has no choice, where the price point is determined by little or no competition and where obfuscation is the rule, rather then the exception as seen in the incendiary NY Times article titled Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps in Bills

The reason for this price gouging abuse is, IMHO, the lack of transparency and real competition in medical, where closed, proprietary systems rule, where price points for office visits, hospital stays and surgery procedures are never disclosed beforehand and where patients, in many cases, are considered nothing but profit centers, able to be hosed price-wise when it comes to treating chronic illnesses like Type 1 diabetes. 

Change is coming, as seen in the BRT blurb titled Healthcare - Days of Future Past, because people will demand it, just as people demanded transparency and competition in tech when the web became real circa 1997. 

"And the beat goes on." - Robert E.

Friday, April 04, 2014


Phase transitions, fractals, feedback loops and blow back, notions all too familiar when discussing chaos and non-linear systems, is now being applied to the potentially lethal impact of GMOs in a provactive Nicholas Taleb paper titled The Precautionary Principle. BRT talked about this regarding Monsanto in a blurb titled Nature finds a way, always.

Needless to say, his logic is sound as reality works from the bottom up, not top down, something the Monsanto's of the world, along with the uninformed, will never understand.

Addendum: Click Whether Prometheus to read BRT's take on the ultimate in GMO tinkering via Craig Venter's top down approach to modifying life at the ultimate level in order to produce super bugs, something most disquieting to say the least from this writer's perspective.

Dark Money Unlimited

As loyal readers know, BRT does not delve into politics very often unless the actions taken by a given entity, i.e. the Supreme Court, are so egregiously bad that commentary must be made. With this in mind, consider that  McCutcheon and Citizens United, (corporations are, in effect, persons vis a vis voting rights & campaign funding) have destroyed the notion of campaign reform forever, thus creating a plutocracy where unlimited funding of campaigns rule, something the Supreme Court, as per the Founding Fathers, was designed to prevent as the final arbiters of law as the SC justices were tenured for life and well provided for, conditions the FFs thought would free them from outside pressures, thus enabling them to rule in the national interest and not their own, something not happening with the Roberts court circa 2014.

So... why is the logic used by Roberts so tortured to explain the "validity" of McCutcheon while Justice Stephen Breyer's dissent devastates it with elegance and power.

To whit

Roberts: "Ingratiation and access ... are not corruption" To unlimited amounts of $$ - BRT, right?

George Carlin said it best as Citizens United and McCutcheon merely codify what has been reality for a very long time.