Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Juice ...

D Flies + 1 :)

Damsel Blue

The Perfect Predator

An Onyx Visitor

Patience is a virtue

Blue Darter/Portrait X

There's gold in them thar hills. :)

Planet Earth Report/The Daily Galaxy

The Daily Galaxy is a favorite destination of yours truly as the articles they post are informative, provocative and vetted. This blurb's a point to their Planet Earth Report, an interesting read without question. Love their pix, awesome to the max.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

Ineptness as art form

Outside of the disaster of Vietnam and the fallout from Shock & Awe, the worst strategic initiative the US has ever done, the US was still considered competent due to the strength of the dollar, the world's reserve currency, and the military might it projected to the world. With the ascent of The Donald and his disastrous handling of COVID-19, combined with the inability of the nation to build anything of consequence, thanks to the offshoring of virtually all manufacturing to China and significant others, all bets are now off, an emerging stark reality most distressing to a once-great nation known as America.

It's different now ...

Any questions?

A How To ...

It's a horserace in terms who knows more about us, Google or Facebook. I'll take Google as search, Gmail and quality of code + AI dwarfs FB in terms of capability to do the deed of data scarfing on us rubes.

Read the CNET piece to learn how to claw back some of your data. I know I will. :)

The death of retail/rev II

BRT has waxed poetic about the slow-motion death of retail due to cost savings and efficiencies of doing business online. Now, with the advent of COVID-19, the acceleration of the death of retail goes prime time.

Microsoft announced today that it is closing all of its 83 Microsoft Store retail locations. The company says that will result in a charge of $450 million against its earnings for the second quarter of 2020. In an important way, what Microsoft is doing is a sign of what we will see in the future from a lot of retailers.

The shutdown has necessitated rapid learning by retailers about these trends and it looks like Microsoft, and many others, are listening. Consumers have figured out how to do all or nearly all their shopping online and retailers are figuring out how to do all or nearly all their selling online, too. Shopping by livestream, video appointments, chat and and other technologies have put convenience into consumers’ hands and facilitated sales while stores are closed. No one knows how much of these new habits will stick when the pandemic is over but it won’t be zero and stores have to adapt.

Yes indeed.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Eye-candy of a different kind

Eye candy of a different kind ...

The Domino Theory 2020

Nam, a war based on a lie, was sold by the government to America and the world using the domino theory because ... if South Vietnam fell to the Communists, the rest of Southeast Asia was sure to follow. In 2020, the domino theory regarding depression, financial chaos and civil unrest computes at levels Nam never did.

The pandemic lockdown will be blamed for the Greater Depression, but the lockdown only toppled all the dominoes that were already lined up. The lockdown would have been survivable if the economy hadn't been over-indebted, over-leveraged, burdened by insanely high costs, stripmined by greedy monopolies, dependent on stock market fraud, destabilized by extreme inequality, corrupted by political pay-to-play and addicted to speculation.

The apologists always blame depressions on central banks not printing money fast enough, while overlooking the real drivers: debt, high costs and dependence on speculative bubbles. As noted here many times, revenues and income can quickly slide lower, but debt must be serviced regardless of revenues and income.

Once debt payments dominate expenses, any wobble in revenues / income / cash flow triggers default.

Everyone who was barely keeping their head above water in making their debt payments is already in default or will soon be in default. Since the banks and shadow-banking lenders have gorged on the profits skimmed by loaning huge sums to marginal borrowers, now that these marginal borrowers are defaulting en masse the banks and lenders are about to be crushed by one wave of catastrophic losses after another.

Student loans--already in mass default. Credit cards--the wave is rolling in as we speak. Auto loans--looking like Waimea Bay on a big day. Mortgages--better not to look.

Corporate debt has exploded to unprecedented levels, and this is what will break the financial system. Zombie corporations are rushing to borrow billions of dollars (thanks to the Federal Reserve) but increasing their debt is only doing more of what created their fragility in the first place.

Forgot to add the "healthcare" bomb of 3.4 trillion and rising. That plus the MIC will finish the job of bankrupting America without question.

 Fragility rules ...

10 years ... and counting :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

They're everywhere ... :)

Black as Nite

Bringing home dinner

Blue is the color

Green Darter

Persistence is a virtue :)

50 years ago ...

A 50-year-old theory that began as speculation about how an alien civilization could use a black hole to generate energy has been experimentally verified for the first time in a Glasgow research lab.

In 1969, British physicist Roger Penrose suggested that energy could be generated by lowering an object into the black hole's ergosphere—the outer layer of the black hole's event horizon, where an object would have to move faster than the speed of light in order to remain still.

Two years later, another physicist named Yakov Zel'dovich suggested the theory could be tested with a more practical, earthbound experiment. He proposed that "twisted" light waves, hitting the surface of a rotating metal cylinder turning at just the right speed, would end up being reflected with additional energy extracted from the cylinder's rotation thanks to a quirk of the rotational doppler effect.

Now, researchers from the University of Glasgow's School of Physics and Astronomy have finally found a way to experimentally demonstrate the effect that Penrose and Zel'dovich proposed by twisting sound instead of light—a much lower frequency source, and thus much more practical to demonstrate in the lab.

All parties were and are right without exception. :)

A possible game-changer in terms of renewable energy may be at hand. :) 

ARM rules ...

This blurb's a bit wonky but worth a read as Apple's taking the ARM plunge and tech will never be the same. In one way, yours truly is channeling David's Brin's Earth, a brilliant SF novel written back in 1990 predicting what the world would be like in 2040. Yours truly recommends anyone trying to get a handle on what tech is doing to society, along with global warming waxing poetic, should read Earth as it's that good but ... 2040 is now 2020 as the envisioned tech is already here. :)

RISC ...  reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architectures for computer processors goes primetime and Apple's taking the lead by designing really fast 5nm chips using the original ARM concept as start point.

Engame ...

Any questions?

Endgame ...

Friday, June 19, 2020

Seeing for the first time ... with XRAY eyes

Seeing for the first time ... with XRAY eyes depicts the universe in an all-new light without question.

A million X-ray sources revealing the nature of the hot universe – this is the impressive harvest of the first scan of the entire sky with the eROSITA telescope onboard SRG. “This all-sky image completely changes the way we look at the energetic universe,” says Peter Predehl, the Principal Investigator of eROSITA at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE). “We see such a wealth of detail - the beauty of the images is really stunning.”

The annotated version.

Had to show another. :)

XRAY eyes indeed.

The odds are ...

As tech gets better, more planets like earth will be found without issue ...

To be considered Earth-like, a planet must be similar in size to our planet, orbit a sun-like star called a G-type star and be a rocky or terrestrial planet. And, naturally, it needs to orbit in the habitable zone of its star. This is the distance where the planet is just the right temperature, not too hot or too cold, to host liquid water, and potentially life, on its surface.

But some of these unique characteristics also make them harder to find in the search for exoplanets because they're small and distant from their stars.

However, astronomers at the University of British Columbia have discovered that there may be as many as 6 billion Earth-like planets across our galaxy. That means that there could be one Earth-like planet for every five sun-like stars in the galaxy.

Seems scientists have one candidate in hand ...

Some 3,000 light years away from Earth, researchers believe they have found an Earth-size exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star.

The star is known as Kepler-160, and it was observed during NASA's exoplanet-hunting Kepler mission between 2009 and 2013. It's similar in size and temperature to our sun.

The planet candidate has been dubbed KOI-456.04. It is less than twice the size of Earth and receives a similar amount and type of light from its sun-like star.

The planet candidate is also orbiting at a distance that places it within the habitable zone of the star, where the surface temperature of the planet could support liquid water — and the potential for life. That's similar to where Earth sits in relation to the sun.

And it has an orbital period around the star of 378 days, similar to the Earth year it takes to complete an orbit around the sun.

The odds are ... looking pretty good are they not? :)


Yours truly did not know what Juneteenth meant until the murder of Geroge Floyd, something that NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED. As seen by the document above, Lincoln, on September 22, 1862, proclaimed that slavery was to end on January 1, 1863 via his Emancipation Proclamation, an act that took guts and vision to right a long-standing wrong started when slavery was introduced into America in 1619. Now, in 2020, Juneteenth is being weaponized in ways not thought possible until now.

The hustle ... unacceptable behavior, perpetrated by a few bad people both black and white,
are given a pass.

Yet another question to be asked.

On the white side of things, Trump gives a pass to people just as bad in supporting Stephen Miller, his senior aid with a negative take on anyone who happens to be a minority.

You can't handle the truth yet again.

Gravity ... is everywhere

Gravitons, the force carriers of gravity, are everywhere and now, researchers are beginning to monitor subtle blackhole merger events previously unseen to better understand how the universe works at deep level.

How cool is that?

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Bigger than you think ... :)

Antares, a super red giant, is on the way out like it's well-known cousin Betelgeuse as both are running out of fuel, which, in a few thousand years, both will supernova and become black holes. Seems Antares is quite a bit bigger than previously thought after detailed research, done by ALMA using radio waves instead of light to see see the full extent of it's whispy atmosphere.

To whit:

An international team of astronomers has created the most detailed map yet of the atmosphere of the red supergiant star Antares. The unprecedented sensitivity and resolution of both the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) and the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) revealed the size and temperature of Antares’ atmosphere from just above the star’s surface, throughout its chromosphere, and all the way out to the wind region.

Red supergiant stars, like Antares and its more well-known cousin Betelgeuse, are huge, relatively cold stars at the end of their lifetime. They are on their way to run out of fuel, collapse, and become supernovae. Through their vast stellar winds, they launch heavy elements into space, thereby playing an important role in providing the essential building blocks for life in the universe. But it is a mystery how these enormous winds are launched. A detailed study of the atmosphere of Antares, the closest supergiant star to Earth, provides a crucial step towards an answer.

Radio images of Antares with ALMA and the VLA. ALMA observed Antares close to its surface in shorter wavelengths, and the longer wavelengths observed by the VLA revealed the star’s atmosphere further out. In the VLA image a huge wind is visible on the right, ejected from Antares and lit up by its smaller but hotter companion star Antares B.

How they did it.

The ALMA and VLA map of Antares is the most detailed radio map yet of any star, other than the Sun. ALMA observed Antares close to its surface (its optical photosphere) in shorter wavelengths, and the longer wavelengths observed by the VLA revealed the star’s atmosphere further out. As seen in visible light, Antares’ diameter is approximately 700 times larger than the Sun. But when ALMA and the VLA revealed its atmosphere in radio light, the supergiant turned out to be even more gigantic.

“The size of a star can vary dramatically depending on what wavelength of light it is observed with,” explained Eamon O’Gorman of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland and lead author of the study published in the June 16 edition of the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. “The longer wavelengths of the VLA revealed the supergiant’s atmosphere out to nearly 12 times the star’s radius."s 

ALMA's cool interactive graphic app rules. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Appearance is realtiy ...

Buck Rogers, the legendary salesman for IBM, often said Appearance is reality in terms of first impressions and how they cannot be taken away when seeing something evoking either emotion or questions, which applies to Trump's seance at West Point where possible perceived physical weakness should give pause to his bid to be reelected on Nov 4, 2020.

Appearence is reality indeed.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Truth hurts ...

Watch this film, it will change how you view our place in the world, forever.

"The planet isn't going anywhere. We are." - George Carlin. 

The Truth hurts ...

Saturday, June 13, 2020

You Can't Handle the Truth/rev II

"You can't handle the truth!"  the title of a BRT blurb written way back in 2008 listed many reasons why the US was in trouble 12 years ago. Seems today, the country's even worse off, particularly regarding the so-called press and the suppression of the 1st Amendment by the angry right and the enraged left who detests anything reminding them of Agent Orange and the people who support him. Having read Cotton's NYTimes Op-Ed piece titled Tom Cotton: Send In the Troops, I found it pretty reasonable. No bomb-throwing, no mention of war with Iran or rabid support of Trump but rather a rather nuanced history of how the military was used by previous presidents to quell violent protest as needs warrant.

To whit ...

Sounds reasonable, right?

The Klown Show on both sides rules.

Jessup's spot on, America Can't Handle the Truth!