Monday, January 17, 2022

In 5 years ... :)

Five Year Forecast  - Dilbert by Scott Adams

 The Singularity awaits ...

What art truly is.

Penn Jillette nails it. What is art? Well, yours truly is one and Jillette's take's spot on as it all about risk. Do you have the guts to reveal your innermost feelings to the world? When writing, one soon finds out there's no shield to hide behind like that of being a musician as I was one and the set of drums, I still have, was my shield when expressing my feelings to the world, Music's the most fun of all art forms IMHO, but this this blurb isn't about just music, it's about trust and bravery, something Bob Saget had in spades when telling "The Aristocrats" joke, the filthiest of all time, a joke expressing Carlin's 7 dirty words and then some.

Read Jillette's wonderful essay. You'll be glad you did.

As an aside, here's brief glimpse of what Jillette's The Aristocrats flick is all about.

Taking the shot takes guts, right?

Alignment 101

Focusing on the task ahead for the Webb to become a functioning telescope will take month as aligning the 18 mirrors to peer into the past is most exacting as one can well imagine. 

As the telescope completes its deployment, engineers are working on aligning the mirrors in order to focus correctly on faraway galaxies. To do that on the surface would have been difficult enough, and now they have to align it in the vacuum of space. The 18 hexagonal-shaped mirror segments are 1.32 meters in diameter, flat to flat and the secondary mirror is 0.74 meters in diameter.

The Webb team last week began the month-long process of aligning the telescope’s optics by moving the mirror segments out of their stowed launch positions.

Once the Webb is finally tuned, a revolution in science begins.Yours truly can't wait. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Tender Bar ...

The Tender Bar, not bad, not bad at all. Coming of age in the early 70s, mentored by Uncle Charley, a most intelligent and savvy uncle, enables a young guy to take the shot and become a writer. Teriffic sound score with a true gem by early Steely Dan ... Go Back Jack And Do It Again

In the mornin' you go gunnin' for the man who stole your water

And you fire 'til he is done in but they catch you at the border

And the mourners are all singin' as they drag you by your feet

But the hangman isn't hangin' and they put you on the street

You go back, Jack, do it again, wheel turnin' 'round and 'round

You go back, Jack, do it again

When you know she's no high climber then you find your only friend

In a room with your two-timer, and you're sure you're near the end

Then you love a little wild one and she brings you only sorrow

All the time you know she's smilin' you'll be on your knees tomorrow, yeah

You go back, Jack, do it again, wheel turnin' 'round and 'round

You go back, Jack, do it again

Now you swear and kick and beg us that you're not a gamblin' man

Then you find you're back in Vegas with a handle in your hand

Your black cards can make you money so you hide them when you're able

In the land of milk and honey, you must put them on the table

You go back, Jack, do it again, wheels turnin' 'round and 'round

You go back, Jack, do it again


Magawa with his handler last year in Siem Reap, Cambodia.Credit...Cindy Liu/Reuters

A hero just passed away, the four legged kind who sniffed out over 100 mines in Cambodia with far greater efficiency than the use of electronic hardware to do the same thing.

Magawa, a rat who spent most of his life sniffing out land mines in Cambodia and was recognized for his lifesaving contributions, died last weekend, the nonprofit that trained him said in a statement on Tuesday.

The African giant pouched rat was part of the “HeroRAT” initiative run by the Belgian nonprofit APOPO, which works across Southeast Asia and Africa, training rats to detect land mines and tuberculosis.

Over the course of a yearslong career with APOPO, Magawa found more than 100 land mines and other pieces of unexploded ordnance, the nonprofit organization said, describing him as the most successful rat in the program to date.

In comparison to electronics ...

APOPO’s so-called “HeroRATs” are trained to detect the explosive TNT, and can search an area the size of a tennis court in 30 minutes. The same work would usually take a person with a metal detector four days.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Girls just want to have fun :)

Porpoises have more fun on the sexual side of things than us rubes thanks to how their female's anatomy is not only similar to humans but is superior in terms of how pleasurable sex can be for dolphons in general. 

The visible tip of the human clitoris is but the size of a pea and located slightly north of the vagina and urethra (although much of the structure remains hidden in the pelvis or under a 'hood' of skin).

The head of the dolphin clitoris, on the other hand, is slightly larger and located right near the vagina entrance. What's more, the whole organ has an 'S'-shaped bend in it, which suggests it can stick out even further when erect.

During copulation, it would be almost impossible for a dolphin penis to avoid, experts say.

"The dolphin clitoris has many features to suggest that it functions to provide pleasure to females," says biologist Patricia Brennan from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

"We knew that dolphins have sex not just to reproduce, but also to solidify social bonds, so it seemed likely that the clitoris could be functional."

No sexual preference hangups either.

In the wild, for instance, bottlenose dolphins have been observed partaking in group orgies, where male and females alike use their snouts, flippers, and flukes to rub the protruding clitorises and penises of their peers.

Direct stimulation of the clitoris has also been observed in sexual interactions between only females. 

One can only wonder about other cetacean lifestyles, right?

Cyndi rules. :)

Sunday, January 09, 2022

The Surge

Allison Dinner / Bloomberg / Getty

The surge, aka Omicron, compromises people and adversely impacts the healthcare system to such an extent, collapse of same could happen due to the incredible numbers of people infected by the Covid 19 Omicron variant. Healthcare professionals warned this would happen months ago and it has.

When a health-care system crumbles, this is what it looks like. Much of what’s wrong happens invisibly. At first, there’s just a lot of waiting. Emergency rooms get so full that “you’ll wait hours and hours, and you may not be able to get surgery when you need it,” Megan Ranney, an emergency physician in Rhode Island, told me. When patients are seen, they might not get the tests they need, because technicians or necessary chemicals are in short supply. Then delay becomes absence. The little acts of compassion that make hospital stays tolerable disappear. Next go the acts of necessity that make stays survivable. Nurses might be so swamped that they can’t check whether a patient has their pain medications or if a ventilator is working correctly. People who would’ve been fine will get sicker. Eventually, people who would have lived will die. This is not conjecture; it is happening now, across the United States. “It’s not a dramatic Armageddon; it happens inch by inch,” Anand Swaminathan, an emergency physician in New Jersey, told me.

A quiet dread, a BRT post, discussed the infection issue back in mid December, complete with related scientific and medical data detailing why Covid-19 is such a dangerous virus due to its unique ability to adapt and evolve in timeframes defying imagination.

In this surge, COVID-19 hospitalizations rose slowly at first, from about 40,000 nationally in early November to 65,000 on Christmas. But with the super-transmissible Delta variant joined by the even-more-transmissible Omicron, the hospitalization count has shot up to 110,000 in the two weeks since then. “The volume of people presenting to our emergency rooms is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,” Kit Delgado, an emergency physician in Pennsylvania, told me. Health-care workers in 11 different states echoed what he said: Already, this surge is pushing their hospitals to the edge. And this is just the beginning. Hospitalizations always lag behind cases by about two weeks, so we’re only starting to see the effects of daily case counts that have tripled in the past 14 days (and are almost certainly underestimates). By the end of the month, according to the CDC’s forecasts, COVID will be sending at least 24,700 and up to 53,700 Americans to the hospital every single day.

Read The Atlantic piece in its entirety. Scary comes to mind without issue.

Nada ... to date, applies

When looking at this Dilbert, one can relate to the fact nothing of consequence. as of yet, has been done regarding the major orchestrators of the Jan 6 debacle. No congressmen have been removed from office, Trump has not been held liable regarding the coup attempt by prohibiting him from ever running for office again and last but not least, insider parties aiding and abetting January 6th, save for the the minors charged, have not been criminally charged by refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas given out to Trump acolytes like Bannon and Meadows. who are trying to run out the clock rather than giving out crucial information as to what really went down on Trump's failed attempt to remain in office. If nothing is done, the bastards who perpretrated this threat against democracy will get away with it and ... the threat to democracy remains in play without question. With luck, this blurb will become moot if the powers at be actually do their job for a change

To whit.

If criminality is proven to be true, pulling the trigger on the perps is a must. If nothing is done, 
Nada ... to date, applies.

Fully deployed :)

The origami telescope is now fully deployed.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope team fully deployed its 21-foot, gold-coated primary mirror, successfully completing the final stage of all major spacecraft deployments to prepare for science operations.

The world’s largest and most complex space science telescope will now begin moving its 18 primary mirror segments to align the telescope optics. The ground team will command 126 actuators on the backsides of the segments to flex each mirror – an alignment that will take months to complete. Then the team will calibrate the science instruments prior to delivering Webb’s first images this summer.

Saturday, January 08, 2022

... the game is afoot

Puzzles shaped like people drinking at a bar

Wonderful The New Yorker 12/27/21 cover.

...the game is afoot. - King Henry IV Part I 

What is money?

What is money? Is it an agreed upon lie assigning artificial value to an entity people use to transact business in lieu of physicals goods (barter) or is it something else altogether? For yours truly, the right answer to what is money goes to a Mr. Art Berman, an energy guy who knows a lot, including his definition of what money truly is. :)

Many Worlds ...

We are but a dust mote in god's eye, not only pertaining to Earth but also to the Milky Way as there are billions upon billions of galaxies out there but researchers posit the radical notion our universe is just one of an infinite of many, a concept first expressed by Hugh Everett III back in 1956, a theory substantiated by the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics. Until recently, his work was rejected, but not now due to new data pointing out the fact his take on reality may be the right one after all.


Initial conditions rule

Probilitis, probabilities

The Many Worlds factor


End result, we are but one of many.

Read the entire Big Think piece, you will learn a lot. I know I have. :)

Friday, January 07, 2022

The Mandate of Heaven/rev II

Seems Xi's push to control everything has leeched into the tech sector where entrepreneurial initiative becomes taboo, a most ironic take as this need to control above all else threatens China's push to become the preeminent power in all things technical does it not?

Question ... How does The Mandate of Heaven apply to Xi regarding this need to control. It adversely impacts China's well being, does it not?


The Uncanny Valley rears it head again, this time in the guise of Ameca, a digital gal for the ages.

UK-based robotics company Engineered Arts made a huge splash last month with a teaser video of its humanoid robot, with many eerily uncanny expressions, which went viral on social media.

Even the likes of Elon Musk commented on the video, noting just how unsettling it was to watch the robot’s perfectly executed impressions.

Now, we finally get to see more of the robot in action. Engineered Arts took its robot called Ameca — it’s a “she” according to its owners, by the way — to this year’s CES convention in Las Vegas, and had it sit down for an interview with CNET.

It gets better.

'You have to distance yourself from it being a human': Meeting Ameca the humanoid

Last year, Ameca the humanoid blinked to life and quickly went viral. At CES 2022, I got the first public demonstration of this lifelike robot, and saw just how blurred the lines between human and android are becoming.

The Uncanny Valley

The uncanny valley lives ...