Thursday, June 27, 2019

Now for something completely different :)

Waiting for Godot ...

Dumb Shit Foreign Policy ... A case for Impeachment indeed

In Ramification, BRT discussed the background stupidity of the Trump administration regarding Iran, complete with the inept false flag initiative and the possible ensuing blowback leading to economic devastation of the world's economy, the incineration of the Middle East and the specter of WWW III given just how seriously dangerous and foolish this gambit truly is. In this blurb, David Stockman's piece ventures further as to why this is an impeachable offense based on just how dumb and reckless the 3 Stooges of Trump, Bolton and Pompeo are in terms of making America's 60+ year foreign policy fubar even worse then one can ever imagine.

History lesson

End game

A case for impeachment indeed.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Biodiversity 101 ...

Biodiversity's rather important for without it, earth dies, including us. With this in mind, consider the plight of honeybees, insects that pollinate approximately 33% of the food we eat, based on what we are doing to our planet as we speak.

While the decline of European honeybees in the United States and beyond has been
well publicized in recent years, the more than 4,000 species of native bees in North
America and Hawaii have been much less documented. Although these native bees
are not as well known as honeybees, they play a vital role in functioning ecosystems and also
provide more than $3 billion dollars in fruit-pollination services each year just in the United

For this first-of-its-kind analysis, the Center for Biological Diversity conducted a systematic
review of the status of all 4,337 North American and Hawaiian native bees. Our key findings:
Time to wake up about caring for the environment don't you think?

Monday, June 24, 2019

A Solar System update :)

Stunning says it all regarding our solar system as envisioned by Tabletop Whale, an amazing science illustration website.

This week’s map shows the orbits of more than 18000 asteroids in the solar system. This includes everything we know of that’s over 10km in diameter - about 10000 asteroids - as well as 8000 randomized objects of unknown size. This map shows each asteroid at its exact position on New Years’ Eve 1999.

Here's another.

This week’s blog post is a topographic map of the planet Mercury - the smallest planet and the one closest to the sun. I wanted to map each of the rocky planets in the same style, so this week’s code tutorial actually also includes code for mapping Mars, Venus, and the Moon.

Although Mercury has very few labeled features, I really liked the IAU naming theme for the planet. Craters on Mercury are named after famous artists - including some of my favorites, Lange (named for Dorothea Lange), Gaudí (Antoni Gaudí i Cornet), and Plath (Sylvia Plath).

Stellar without question. :)

Ramification ...

 Learn to pronounce
plural noun: ramifications
a consequence of an action or event, especially when complex or unwelcome.
"any change is bound to have legal ramifications"
synonyms: consequence, result, aftermath, outcome, effect, upshot, issue, sequel; More
a subdivision of a complex structure or process perceived as comparable to a tree's branches.
"an extended family with its ramifications of neighboring in-laws"
the action or state of ramifying or being ramified.

Said word is more than appropriate when it comes to Iran and the incredibly stupid and dangerous actions the US is taking against her based on an inept false flag and total ignorance of the fact of international waters regarding Oman, Iran and the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran’s territorial waters in the Strait of Hormuz amount to 12 nautical miles (22 km). Since 1959, Iran recognizes only non-military naval transit.

Since 1972, Oman’s territorial waters in the Strait of Hormuz also amount to 12 nautical miles. At its narrowest, the width of the Strait is 21 nautical miles (39 km). That means, crucially, that half of the Strait of Hormuz is in Iranian territorial waters and the other half in Oman’s. There are no “international waters”.

Regarding the false flag ... As much as 30% of the world’s oil supply transits the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. Wily Persian Gulf traders – who know better – are virtually unanimous; if Tehran was really responsible for the Gulf of Oman tanker incident, oil prices would be going through the roof by now. They aren’t.

Even Israel agrees.

It gets better

For the past few days, intelligence circles across Eurasia had been prodding Tehran to consider a quite straightforward scenario. There would be no need to shut down the Strait of Hormuz if Quds Force commander, General Qasem Soleimani, the ultimate Pentagon bête noire, explained in detail, on global media, that Washington simply does not have the military capacity to keep the Strait open.

As I previously reported, shutting down the Strait of Hormuz

would destroy the American economy by detonating the $1.2 quadrillion derivatives market; and that would collapse the world banking system, crushing the world’s $80 trillion GDP and causing an unprecedented depression.

Endgame: If the US is totally out of its mind and shuts off the ability of Iran to ship essential oil exports to countries like China ...

And that adds to Tehran now openly saying that Iran may decide to close the Strait of Hormuz publicly – and not by stealth.

Iran’s indirect, asymmetric warfare response to any US adventure will be very painful. Prof. Mohammad Marandi of the University of Tehran once again reconfirmed, “even a limited strike will be met by a major and disproportionate response.” And that means gloves off, big time; anything from really blowing up tankers to, in Marandi’s words, “Saudi and UAE oil facilities in flames”.

Hezbollah will launch tens of thousands of missiles against Israel. As

Hezbollah’s secretary-general Hasan Nasrallah has been stressing in his speeches, “war on Iran will not remain within that country’s borders, rather it will mean that the entire [Middle East] region will be set ablaze. All of the American forces and interests in the region will be wiped out, and with them the conspirators, first among them Israel and the Saudi ruling family.”

Remember, Iran is not Arab, its Persian and the location of the country is perfect in terms of defense vis a vis the US. Maybe the idiots in the WH should WTF up and realize this is folly of the most pernicious kind.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Creativity 101


Creativity 101:
  1. The Act of Creation - Arthur Koestler: The creative act is the joining together of two or more seemingly dissimilar ideas that generate a heretofore unexpected result. i.e. Chemistry - H20 consists of 2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen atoms, both explosive yet, when combined, becomes water.
    The joke: Henny Youngman - Take my wife, Please. :)
  2. Creativity starts with the asking of a question: Why is this the way it is?
    Question everything - Einstein
  3. The ability to see relationships is key because everything is connected as reality is a Quantum space and entanglement stitches it together.
  4. Play is indispensable. What if ... is the real deal here. A sense of wonderment is essential. :)
  5. Creativity takes courage as new ideas disrupt the "natural" order of things.
  6. Creativity is problem-solving. It matters not the discipline used save that said discipline shapes how the creative act is produced.
  7. The act itself is ineffable and cannot be explained. Like quantum, creativity just happens. It cannot be forced, only acted upon when the idea shows up. The finished act is anything but as it can be explained after the fact without issue.
  8. Practice makes better. Beginners mind and intuition are key.
  9. The size of the problem solved dictates the significance of the creative act. i.e. Mixing anchovies with pineapples on a pizza is a creative act. The size or importance of the problem solved, not so much while Einstein's Theory of relativity proving that Newton was wrong at a universal scale, is.
  10. Creativity, like tech and existence, has no morality. It simply is.
  11. Stay hungry, stay foolish - Stewart Brand/Whole Earth Catalog. :)



MAD/Mutually Assured Destruction, the policy the US and USSR implements to prevent nuclear war, has worked for almost 70 years, something rather amazing given just how easy it is to have an accident or a misread as to what each country will do in a crisis when it comes to tech as fragile and powerful as nukes truly are. With this in mind, it's no wonder posturing, quasi lying and deception become part of the game where there is no winner if missiles are launched to bring about Armageddon, military style.

IN A MAZE of tunnels 900 feet beneath the Nevada desert, US nuclear weapons scientists have since the 1990s been intermittently agitating flecks of plutonium with chemical high explosives, carefully trying to push them to the brink of a chain reaction capable of yielding nuclear force.

IN A SEPARATE network of underground tunnels about 4,800 miles away, in the northern Russian archipelago of Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Circle, Russia conducts its own such experiments, meant to model the key chemical and physical actions that occur in the run-up to a full-blown nuclear explosion, without actually causing one.

Experiments at the two sites are used by both nations to help ensure their nuclear arsenals remain viable but conducted under a blanket of secrecy. And so they’ve given rise to suspicions—and accusations—that they violate a 1996 global treaty designed to stymie nuclear weapons innovations by barring any nuclear explosions.

MAD indeed.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Water Wars ...

Water wars, similar in terms of inevitability with nations desiring ever more powerful weapons, become a given due to just how intense the impact of climate change will be on planet earth as man moves further into the 21st century.

Factor in the issue of too many people and the scenario for chaos becomes even direr.

Don't say we haven't been warned.

It's inevitable ...

It's inevitable ... aptly describes the endless pursuit of ever more powerful weapons by every nation on planet earth, a concept particularly apropos to hypersonic weapons, a tech that cannot be stopped, based on large part as to just how fast this hardware can go in delivering death, in minutes, to anyone unfortunate enough to be in its path.

Cheap to deploy is an added bonus to defense contractors of almost any size

With a little bit of luck, these weapons might prove to be more successful than Lockheed's F 35, the jet that just can't cut in in ways that truly boggle the mind.

This is understandable as the US no longer makes anything and lacks the infrastructure to train people on how to make things. Makes sense doesn't it?

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Minority Report - coming soon ...

"Stewards" of the planet

BRT has talked often about the Anthropocene, the 6th great extinction event being caused by us 24/7.  With this sad fact in mind, NPR's Anthropocene Project details, via powerful photography and editorial, how this slow-motion disaster is occurring as we speak. Note that the climate change part of the equation is not being discussed, only environmental degradation, driven by pollution, resource depletion, greed and, of course, fossil fuel production.

The spiral patterns remind one of this little guy does it not?

Earth will recover ... once we are gone or finally wake up as to what it really means to be stewards of the planet, take your pick. One can only hope.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Europa ... with a touch of salt

Seems Europa's oceans may be more like our own based on recent findings regarding sodium chloride, the fancy name for table salt.

A familiar ingredient has been hiding in plain sight on the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. Using a visible-light spectral analysis, planetary scientists at Caltech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, have discovered that the yellow color visible on portions of the surface of Europa is actually sodium chloride, a compound known on Earth as table salt, which is also the principal component of sea salt.

The discovery suggests that the salty subsurface ocean of Europa may chemically resemble Earth's oceans more than previously thought, challenging decades of supposition about the composition of those waters. The finding was published by Science Advances on June 12

Europa ... with a touch of salt. :)

Weirdo - RIP

Yours truly never knew anything about Weirdo, an underground comix magazine created by the esteemed R. CrumbThe layouts remind me of Upper & Lower Case, a magazine for the ages for graphic designers, which is, IMHO, high praise indeed.

A prodigious purveyor of perverted art and the doyen of underground comix, Robert Dennis Crumb (“R. Crumb” in his signatures) has been illustrating the unhinged imagery lodged in his unconscious for six decades and counting. To his ongoing bewilderment, the controversial and formerly destitute artist’s drawings and cartoons now fetch top dollar at esteemed gallery exhibitions, such as David Zwirner’s recent Drawing for Print: Mind Fucks, Kultur Klashes, Pulp Fiction & Pulp Fact by the Illustrious R. Crumb.

Before he was famous, though, Crumb endured all sorts of problems. Though he’d made a splash in 1968 with his Zap Comix series, which helped define the underground comix aesthetic, his early thirties were plagued by disastrous relationships, lawsuits, financial struggles, heavy LSD use, and copyright infringements (including an X-rated film made about his Fritz the Cat character without his permission). But things started looking up as Crumb approached his 40th birthday — thanks, in part, to Weirdo, an independent magazine he launched in 1981 following a flash of insight during a meditation session.

Prodigious talent without a doubt.

Up close & personal :)

Up close & personal, Cassini captures the inner workings of Saturn's rings in imagery both astounding and mysterious to a fault. 

To whit.

Cassini, the little probe that could. RIP.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The AGC - An unsung hero

The AGC: Apollo Guidance Computer is the unsung hero in the race to the moon, a visionary piece of hardware that had to work, always, was something totally new, a compact digital computer designed to enable man to navigate in space with no margin for error. 

The reason for the AGC.

Why it worked ... always.

Read the entire New Atlas piece as its exquisitely detailed and utterly fascinating to the max. Without question, you will learn how really creative people invented new tech on the fly that went to where no man has ever gone before.

Click here to run the AGC simulator. Stellar to a fault.