Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Perfect Woman

Seen above is a 3D CG created image of Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo by an Indonesian artist named Max Edwin Wahyudi. To see how he created her, go to

The apps he used to "build" her are ZBrush and 3D Max two very sophisicated software programs used by virtually every major effects house in the world.

When looking at this image, one sees that the creation of truly realistic synthethic people is almost complete. The only thing needed to finish the job is to make the eyes come alive. Once that's done, everything changes from making a movie to the making of a president. Slyvester Sextone has met his match.

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MurryC said...

This is the single most-convincing image I've seen to date..and I keep track. Creating a really natural looking human face is the holy grail of CGI. The amount of processing bandwidth the human brain allocates to face recognition outstrips any other cognitive task--with the possible exception of dodging sabertooths. As a result, the 'creepy valley effect' is most pronounced with faces. This one has crossed that divide.

The Idoru are now less than a year away from actualization! (e.g., I named my female avatar "ReiToei" for a reason.)