Friday, February 23, 2007

And then there's...

...the text rewards careful review. There's transcendant truth there...somewhere. (click photo for the text)

Msr. Tzara would be proud!

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Remoran said...

The keyboard pix is awesome. Too bad the computer manufacurers have never made a keyboard that has the transcent elegance of the IBM Selectric. Perking Elmer had a terminal that was awesome to use and the original Next keyboard was pretty decent but now...Nada, zilch. Cheap plastic and lowsy rebound makes it painful when typing a long piece on a computer keyboard. Tactile response is essential when typing text, it's essential in order for the words to flow as writing is so different from speaking when putting ideas together. This is why the Selectric ruled because the keyboard was a work of art and the people who use it on a daily basis make that instrument hum.

Terrific article to be sure. The typewriter images in this piece are out of hand. Would love to have that typewirter in my office along side my paper scale used to weigh paper to determing the cost of a letter circa 1900. Ah, those were the days.