Thursday, February 01, 2007

OK, Let's Do IT

When the question came up "why should we do this blog ?" , I just said "why not?" Let's all take a stand about the IMPACT, the DANGERS and the BENEFITS of science and technology to our existence. This includes all derivations of our activitities as inhabitants inside a dynamic planet. We see amazing things all the time and yet rarely have time to consciously re-invent or share new ideas for inspiration, wisdom and creativity. Our blog BEYOND REAL TIME will reflect upon some of the deep issues and insights that we discover to create new possibilities for the FUTURE.

And We do IT BECAUSE ....We feel like it!
We find it interesting and powerful to share this with each other, to leverage our collective wisdom and experience. Perhaps the world will benefit over time when more people participate in meaningful dialogue, so let's invite more people to share in this created space.
BEYOND REAL TIME is the cybernetic vehicle we created from our common bond as friends and colleagues: TO CAUSE AN IMPACT BEYOND OURSELVES AS INDIVIDUALS. In the Buddhist view, there are no boundaries or separation between people, objects or ideas other than the ones we create in our minds. Let's move in this direction and JUST DO IT, the results and impact that develops will be very . When we are empowered as individuals participating as a group, BEYOND REAL TIME will have a life of its own.

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