Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In an earlier post Bob said...

"Combine data transparency with Jeff Han's vision of computer interface and you have the start point for Minority Report.
'nuff said."

Actually I'm not just that that single demo is 'nuff...nice pictures but not much context. As Elliott Masie says, "If content is king, context is queen."

Expanding on the Jeff Han clip posted previously (click the picture to run) ...

There are larger user interface issues, especially in regards a commercial implementation. This article says it nicely.

No matter how fancy the technology--and the gestural interface is potentially revolutionary, especially in the context of the previous article--if it doesn't make it to market we'll never benefit. the picture for more info. Something like this would be an alternate to the drafting table style interface shown in the TED video (nice riff on Minority Report, but not exactly portable.

As my professors used to say, "It is left to the student to connect the dots."

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Remoran said...

Content is key to doing anything sigfnificant with a computer. That's obvious. The issue I brought up in Interface III centered on interface and the advancements that are being made to make systems easier to use. Han's touch screen is such a advancement but there are shortcomings to it as gestures, at this time, don't have the fine granularity needed (typing, drawing etc., etc.) to do certain tasks on a computer in efficient manner. At this point in time, people have to know too much to do anything real with systems. This must change if we are to mix and match media in intuitive ways because rich content is coming to the net big time and front ends must get up to speed to deal with this deluge of immersive content as we move further into the 21st century. I totally agree with Murry on all points and his post on interface issues is truly outstanding.