Sunday, May 08, 2022

What kind of country ...


A woman's right to choose is now being threatened, based on the belief system of a majority of justices residing on the SC stating they know best based on the infinite wisdom of god but perhaps a question should be asked of the select few before judgement is passed such as ... Who told you that? "Well, it's the priest who told me that., Well, who told your priest?" Seems like turtles all the way on down does it not?

Existence doesn't care. If earth blows up, existence keeps going on, if the galaxy goes away, existence keeps going on. We see this rings true by seeing the ghosts of galaxies and stars long since gone as their light we see today is billions of years old while the entities themselves have died out many eons ago. With this in mind, a woman's right to choose is a personal right, meaning nothing to existence but to the person in question, it's anything but. This is why Atwood's question is profound and her answer correct. 


Man's existence in the grand scheme of things is but a dust mote, signifying nothing but while we exist, the notion of 50% of our species in the US being enslaved while the other 50% remains free is not right so Atwood's question "What kind fo country do you want to live in? is the right one to ask, is it not?

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