Monday, May 09, 2022

Intellectually bankrupt ...

It seems yours truly is not far off in considering Alito's take on a woman's right to choose being akin to dogma according to Lawrence Tribe, a true scholar of the Constitution.

According to Tribe, the Harvard University Professor Emeritus, the ruling isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Speaking with MSNBC host Alex Witt, the legal scholar shredded Alito's rationale for dismantling Roe v Wade.

Asked about the draft, he began, "I think it is intellectually and historically bankrupt. The founding document did not list all of the rights we have. It doesn't say anything about our right to marry, our rights to decide how to bring up our children, our freedom to think what we will. It protects liberty in very broad terms. It protects equality."

Minority rules in the land of the free and home of the brave ... Bush 1 & II and Trump, aided and abetted by The Turtle, Republicans one and all, created the worst SC in history.

"This idea by Justice Alito -- he is backed by the right-wing of the court and by many right-wing activists, this idea that the Constitution protects only those rights that are listed and those rights that are rooted in a misogynist history that really did not take account of women at all," he continued. "It is simply a prescription for turning the clock back, not just to the 1950s, but to the 1850s. It is a regressive approach, it is not consistent with our trajectory of constitutional rights, which have expanded and expanded."'

This will be the first time that the Supreme Court has taken away by a majority vote of people who were put on the court by someone who did not even win the majority of the American people, the first time that a basic right has been taken away, that people have built their lives around for 50 years," he elaborated. "Justice Alito says, 'Oh, there has not been any big reliance on it, women have the vote now, women are all over the place, they are in the workplace' they don't need this right.' That's ridiculous."

Dogma rules ... for now.

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