Saturday, May 07, 2022


In tech, the acronym RTFM, aka Read the F*****g Manual, refers to the necessity of learning how a certain piece of hardware or software functions by actually reading the documentation showing how said entity works before using said entity. Yours truly taught at Pratt Institute for 6 years teaching advanced computer graphics to kids getting their masters in design with the proviso one must take the time to learn, in this case, Quark Xpress, before asking questions because without learning the basics of Quark, questions on how to create anything of quality using the program is useless as there's no frame of reference to lean on when asking a given question. This approach worked without question and it still works in the age of misinformation as you must make the effort to vet what you read or watch because if you don't, you become a victim. This is why Maher's take is correct and also why education is absolutely essential to be able to separate wheat from the chaff in the so-called  "information" age of the net. 

As often said in BRT, there's always a cost to everything as TANSTAAFL

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