Tuesday, June 10, 2014

4/C & Then Some :)

Nature and it's inherent connect to tech never ceases to amaze. Back in the day, yours truly was a corporate identity designer using 4/C printing (CYMK - Cyan, Yellow, Magenta & Black/K - used to enhance the printing process) to produce annual reports and ad supplements for companies as CYMK enables printers to recreate the full color spectrum without issue whether the print process be inkjet, offset or rotogravure. Correspondingly, as described in the Physorg piece, four colors were also used by cartographers because...

Now it appears researchers use the same centuries old approach to manipulating color to better understand the nature of crystals.

Seen below is the RGB (Additive colors - used for video) and CYMK (Subtractive colors used for print) diagram set showing how colors interact to generate the full color set populating every image output device known to man. Note: K - Black is always used in quality printing as subtractive inks are "dirty", thus requiring black to enhance the printing process. :)

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