Friday, June 27, 2014

14 Rules to Live By

Where is Kelly Johnson when you need him? You know, the guy who created the Black Bird aka SR-71, on time and within budget, something not possible with the F35, the fubar that keeps on giving as seen by the latest factoid on this ongoing disaster, courtesy of the company the great Kelly Johnson worked for back in the day.

One $100 million Air Force plane leaks oil, another bursts into flame

The F-35 is the world’s most expensive weapons system – $400 billion and counting. The estimated lifetime cost of this military-industrial project is $1.5 trillion. The F-35 is already close to a decade behind schedule and its cost is already more than twice the original estimate. The Pentagon has lowered its performance specs and it’s still years from being operational.

On June 22, at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, an F-35A was taking off on a routine training flight when the tail of the plane burst into flame. The pilot aborted the takeoff and escaped from the cockpit. A ground crew extinguished the fire with foam. There were no injuries, but the $100 million plane was possibly destroyed, according to officials.

All twenty-six F-35s at Eglin were grounded after the fire, while the Air Force tried to figure out why the plane had ignited. Air Force spokesperson Lt. Hope Cronin called the fire “significant,” but the cause is yet unknown. F-35s at other bases continue to fly.

Earlier this month, on June 13, the entire F-35 fleet (more then 100 planes at this point) was grounded because an F-35 was leaking oil in flight. The Air Force, the Marines, and the Navy each have a variation of the F-35 that range in estimated cost from $98 million (Air Force) to $104 million (Marines) to $124 million (Navy).

Seen below is the SR-71, the greatest airplane ever designed.

Johnson had 14 rules to live by, they are:

Mythical Man Month anyone? For more info on the F35, The Art of Invention post comes to mind. :)

The video's not bad either. :)

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