Friday, June 27, 2014

Nature abhors a vacuum - BRT post 1300

As most folks know, nature abhors a vacuum if one lives on a planet like earth because, due to air pressure differentials, high pressure areas will always move to low (entropy) to equalize things out, something akin to what the US did when destroying viable nations like Iraq and Libya (high), thus creating a power vacuum (low) thus enabling organized groups like ISIS to take advantage of (to fill in/replace) in short order. While the former leaders of Iraq and Libya were not wonderful by any stretch of the imagination, they did lead functioning, secular countries where women had the most rights of any middle eastern nation save that of Israel and things remained relatively stable until now. With that being said, the US "nation building" process of replacing high pressure zones with low, has, in effect, created ISIS, a movement bent on creating a caliphate encompassing Iraq, Syria and beyond if conditions permit it. See the awesome map by Mohammad adil-Rashidun below. 

Now that we know how US "Nation Building" works, consider the following. 

Mission accomplished - "W"

The Great Game - ME Edition explains, in part, why this is happening and why, in this case, how poorly played this edition has been for the world at large.

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