Monday, June 02, 2014

Diamonds are Forever

BRT has talked about quantum computers on several occasions as said devices are not only incomprehensively fast due to the superpostion of qubits but, more importantly, have the potential of creating reality in finite space, but before getting to that computing nirvana requires flawless quantum teleportation of information via entangled quibits, something not considered doable until now.

Seen below is a short video showing how information can be processed via quantum teleportation.

The Matrix - phase 1.

Realizing robust quantum information transfer between long-lived qubit registers is a key challenge for quantum information science and technology. Here, we demonstrate unconditional teleportation of arbitrary quantum states between diamond spin qubits separated by 3 m. We prepare the teleporter through photon-mediated heralded entanglement between two distant electron spins and subsequently encode the source qubit in a single nuclear spin. By realizing a fully deterministic Bell-state measurement combined with real-time feed-forward quantum teleportation is achieved upon each attempt with an average state fidelity exceeding the classical limit. These results establish diamond spin qubits as a prime candidate for the realization of quantum networks for quantum communication and network-based quantum computing.

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