Monday, March 06, 2023

Somewhat right ... Dall'e 2 experiments ... :)

The double slit experiment/rev 1

Plato's cave/rev XX

The single slit ...

When measurement occurs

Superposition/rev X

Strange Attractors/Chaos/rev XXX

The limits of knowledge

Channeling Francis Bacon

Channeling Francis Bacon/Rev II

Dall'e-2 has growing pains, particularly when trying to accurately describe quantum physics in the guise of the 1805 Thomas Young Double Slit Experiment. Plato's cave is my favorite as an incorrect but fanciful expression of the most beautiful experiment in science as it resonates, in indirect fashion, to Plato's attempt to describe the true essence of existence. The fourth picture shows the act of "measuring" a given subatomic particle as said entity exists both as a wave and a particle at the same time until measured, an act that not only collapses the entity in question into a particle but also shows where the most likely location of the particle might be. :) 

The 5th shows superposition when a sub-atomic entity is not measured. 

The 6th reflects chaos theory and its notion of a strange attractor

The 7th depicts the limits of knowledge as man will never know the full extent of reality.

The last two pix were intended as "A watercolor painting in the style of Andrew Wyeth of an annoyed snow leopard in a spaceship" but Dall'e 2 decided a Francis Bacon take would be better. :)

As reference, here's an accurate pix of Young's wonderful experiment.

The single slit image by yours truly's spot on IMHO. :)

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