Sunday, March 05, 2023

Agent Orange in '24

Every time I get a message from the dems humping for money, I get even angrier as it's all about the money in enabling pols to do the only thing that matters, getting reelected. The incompetency and corruption plus the politicization of virtually everything is a total turn off. Lastly, allowing politicians to limit access to books or violate civil rights including the right to abortion totally boggles the mind, especially when said prohibitions nearly always refer to Jesus in explaining to us rubes why this is the proper way to live one's life. With this in mind, yours truly agrees with Andrew Tanner in terms of Trump not only getting the GOP nomination but also having a real shot, god forbid, to becoming POTUS yet again as the dems just don't get it in any way, shape or fashion. 

Question, since Kennedy, when has any president really asked the cosmic question, WHO ARE WE? or laying out the real issues in non BS terms as to why this nation is going crazy as today, it's all about politics, not competency and ethics in terms of discussing how this once great nation can become viable once again if one has the guts to kill off the two party mantra of us against them. We have been betrayed by our so-called leaders, bought and paid for by the MIC, big corporations and the ultra rich while people, without hope, thanks to Ronnie gutting the manufacturing prowess of the country by making modern China, are really pissed and rightfully so as they have been sold out by the powers at be without question. The notion of Joe running yet again scares the crap out of me and the lack of a true political operative having real power to shake up the status quo regarding the dems points to Agent Orange possibly becoming president for a second time in 2024. Tanner's piece is spot on and the dems should read it closely as Trump has malignant charisma to the max, something Biden and DeSantis will never have, and ... he has millions who will vote for him until the end of time. WTFU dems as the map above shows just how divided America has truly become.

Here's the OODA loop for real. :)

Last but not least, the next paragraph explains why John Roberts is the worst chief justice in history.

Getting reelected.

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