Thursday, November 17, 2022


The Sun/The Moon

Life satisfaction, what does that mean? Good question is it not? For yours truly, restlessness is part of the equation but many times, solitude works in reacquiring balance in one's life without question. Less noise in the system applies as it seems solitude is more than just apt according to the Big Think article titled Why very smart people are happiest alone.

150 seems about right ...

Any more than that, crazy comes into play.

The data they analyzed supports the assumption that good friendships — and a few good ones are better than lots of weaker ones — do significantly increase life satisfaction for most people.

In highly intelligent people, though, the finding is reversed: Smart people feel happier alone than when others, even good friends, are around. A “healthy” social life actually leaves highly intelligent people with less life satisfaction. Is it because their desires are more aspirational and goal-oriented, and other people are annoyingly distracting?

However, just in case this makes too much sense, the study also found that spending more time socializing with friends is actually an indicator of higher intelligence! This baffling contradiction is counter-intuitive, at least. Unless these smart people are not so much social as they are masochistic.

Works for me. :)

Blade Runner ...

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