Wednesday, July 06, 2022

The Eye of Sauron

The Eye of Sauron in Lord of the Rings 

We all know what the far right supremes did regarding guns, abortion, god and the environment but hey, they're just getting started in their devout pursuit to create a fascist theocroacy ruled by true believers as seen in an upcoming case titled Moore V. Harper ...

This is truly a ball of nightmares, and of course, the times being what they are, there are more horrors to come. In fact, there’s a case on the court’s upcoming docket that — if decided in the same spirit as the others from this term — will turn out the lights on American democracy and cement the absolute control of an implacably radical Republican minority.

On the last day of this blessedly finished term, the court announced it would be taking up the matter of Moore v. Harper. “At issue,” explains The Washington Post editorial board, “is a North Carolina Supreme Court case holding that the state’s constitution precludes severe partisan gerrymanders; the argument the petitioners make is that state courts shouldn’t have any role in overruling federal election rules put into place by state legislatures.”

Like Sauron with his ring of power, this is the one case to rule them all, and it is coming.

They call it the “independent state legislature theory,” a concept most legal scholars find preposterous, so naturally the Supreme Court’s conservative majority wants to give it a long, hard look. The case came to pass after the North Carolina supreme court rejected the heavily gerrymandered legislative maps crafted by the Republican congressional majority of that state. Should the petitioners win the high court’s approval in Moore, the fallout will be nothing short of catastrophic.

If the petitioners win, Article II Section 1 of the Constitution will be rendered null and void, and state legislatures will theoretically be able to decide the winner in their state’s elections, with no recourse from the courts at any level. At present, 30 states have legislatures controlled by the Republican Party, the party still belongs to Donald Trump, and his fictions regarding stolen elections remain the high-octane fuel powering the GOP base.

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