Monday, July 18, 2022

35+ & counting

GW, the extinction event that keeps on giving, is accelerating at rates unforeseen by climatologists all over the world. Record temps are now the norm along with the specter of wet bulb where the fatal 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) wet-bulb threshold — the point at which the human body can’t cool itself down and even healthy people with unlimited shade and water will die of heatstroke — almost never occurred in the current climate. But as a 2020 study (and the map below) reveals, humid heat above 35 degrees C has already been happening  Imagine 2050 where WB is commongplace and the potential of millions dying in places like India or Pakistan becomes more probable as civilization moves further into the 21st century. We are entering a phase in humanity's history where angels fear to tread, a catastrophe of our own making, a future most dark and terrifying without doubt. 

The world must change how it does business or we're done. 

Think about it, I have.

Remember, it's just the beginning ...

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