Sunday, June 05, 2022

The Book of Five Rings

Yours truly tries very hard to not assume as we all know what the word means, right? This is difficult as Taoists, students of Zen and Buddhists ascribe to the notion of living in the present as this prevents one from falling into the trap of the word assume. This, being in the present, also applies to The Art of War and the OODA loop as all of these disciplines readily acknowledge the limits of knowledge, something addressed quite frequently in BRT as Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, in conjunction with Godel's incompleteness theorems rule in conjunction with the probabilistic nature of Quantum Mechanics proving that certitude is but an illusion. With this in mind, The Book of Five Rings continues this policy of situational awareness and the knowledge of self at personal level articulated by Miyamoto Musahi of Japan, a true master in the art of the sword.

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