Friday, June 03, 2022

Airstreams rule :)

Photo: Airstream

Love the look but love the tech of the Airstream even more as this is one American company that understands design and art at deep level. Awesome to a fault. :)

"Don’t live in the past or future…Make history."


Like a silver torpedo barreling down the highway, the Airstream trailer is an iconic sight on American roads. The streamlined curving aluminum shell is instantly recognizable, partly because the design has remained nearly constant throughout the company’s nine decades in business.

But despite their distinct appearance, the trailers and motor homes produced by Airstream actually have changed over time, and the design of these vehicles has dovetailed with both American and world history. These historical influences are the subject of a new museum at the company’s headquarters in Jackson Center, Ohio.


Photo: Airstream

The Airstream was more than just a vacationer’s vehicle. It became part of the space race in the 1960s, serving as an official segment of NASA’s Apollo mission to the moon. Four modified Airstreams were created to serve as temporary quarantines for astronauts returning from the moon. “There was a fear that they could come in contact with some sort of lunar pathogen, so they needed a way to keep the astronauts quarantined from the site of the splashdown until they made it back to the receiving laboratory in Houston,” Martin says. One of those modified trailers, designed without wheels to sit on either a boat, aircraft carrier, or flatbed truck, is on display in the museum.

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