Sunday, January 09, 2022

Nada ... to date, applies

When looking at this Dilbert, one can relate to the fact nothing of consequence. as of yet, has been done regarding the major orchestrators of the Jan 6 debacle. No congressmen have been removed from office, Trump has not been held liable regarding the coup attempt by prohibiting him from ever running for office again and last but not least, insider parties aiding and abetting January 6th, save for the the minors charged, have not been criminally charged by refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas given out to Trump acolytes like Bannon and Meadows. who are trying to run out the clock rather than giving out crucial information as to what really went down on Trump's failed attempt to remain in office. If nothing is done, the bastards who perpretrated this threat against democracy will get away with it and ... the threat to democracy remains in play without question. With luck, this blurb will become moot if the powers at be actually do their job for a change

To whit.

If criminality is proven to be true, pulling the trigger on the perps is a must. If nothing is done, 
Nada ... to date, applies.

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