Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Frailty, thy name is ...

Selfies, you know, when one wishes to take a pix of one's self, a common enough act happening millions of times a day, is, for the most part, fun, especially when taken with friends but what about extreme selfies, you know, the ones intended to impress people who see it. These can be hazardous to one's health without question. 

Yours truly has never seen anyone taking a selfie while driving but I did see a woman reading the NYTimes at 72mph, something resembling the gem seen below. Don't worry, I was a passenger.

In second place were traffic accidents. No wonder — after all, what could be more interesting than taking a picture of your face with a car headrest (no, Autoblog editors, I’m not asking seriously) or ducking at the last minute in front of an oncoming train to capture your beautiful face against the backdrop of the speeding beast?

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