Saturday, January 01, 2022

Don't Look Up :)

Don't Look Up, a bitingly accurate satire about a rather large comet ushering in the end of the world in exactly 6 months, 14 days and 10 hours, give or take a few minutes, shows, in indirect fashion, the dinos actually handled this bit of bad news better than the fools in this flick. Deer in headlights, incessant greed, the art of denial writ large and ... the ability of the great unwashed to believe virtually anything, as long as it's presented on social media and online "news", caused yours truly to laugh out loud many times save for the end when reality decides to take charge and end the world just as Dr. Mindy predicted ... 6 months, 14 days and 10 hours give or take a few minutes. 

Great cast, sharp script, an inconvenient truth, sorta like how the world's dealing with Covid, Global Warming, environmental devastation and resource depletion as we enter 2022, a year fraught with a kind of uncertainty for the ages.

Better yet ...

And ...
Excellent to a fault.

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