Saturday, June 13, 2020

You Can't Handle the Truth/rev II

"You can't handle the truth!"  the title of a BRT blurb written way back in 2008 listed many reasons why the US was in trouble 12 years ago. Seems today, the country's even worse off, particularly regarding the so-called press and the suppression of the 1st Amendment by the angry right and the enraged left who detests anything reminding them of Agent Orange and the people who support him. Having read Cotton's NYTimes Op-Ed piece titled Tom Cotton: Send In the Troops, I found it pretty reasonable. No bomb-throwing, no mention of war with Iran or rabid support of Trump but rather a rather nuanced history of how the military was used by previous presidents to quell violent protest as needs warrant.

To whit ...

Sounds reasonable, right?

The Klown Show on both sides rules.

Jessup's spot on, America Can't Handle the Truth!

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