Wednesday, June 03, 2020

It just doesn't seem right ...

The country faces a decision, do what's right or continue on a path leading toward eventual dissolution,  driven by racism, greed and corruption, the three entities threatening the continued existence of a once-great nation.

From an out of control MIC governed military budget to a broken for-profit healthcare system, the list of financial and corrupt dealings of the deep state extends to forever while tearing this country apart in ways that never cease to amaze. Consider the following: (a tiny subset at best)
  • Education costs. College tuition has increased by approximately 8% a year vs inflation levels of less than 1% ... - End result: student loans totaling 1.4 trillion.
  • Healthcare, the broken system described above, 3.4 trillion and rising.
  • Credit Card debt. 1.06 trillion. 
  • Wall Street 2019 profits: 100 billion. Question, how does this benefit main street?
  • Inequality ... The top 1% own 40% of the total wealth of the nation. 
  • Financialization 2019 equaled 21% of GDP, the largest single sector of the GDP.
  • No safety net, like that of the Scandinavian countries, exists in America. Healthcare costs as prime example No. 1.
  • Racism rules -  George Floyd as prime example No. 1.
  • Militarization of Police departments: 7.4 billion courtesy the Pentagon's 1033 program. Ditto Homeland Security contributions to the cause.
  • Gutting the EPA equates to gutting the environment. 
  • Gutting US manufacturing to goose stockholder profits, courtesy the Great Communicator Ronnie Reagan and government, done in collusion with big companies, to offshore said manufacturing, thus giving rise to modern China. Think GE.
  • Ramping up fossil fuel production at the expense of sustainables
  • Bankrupt foreign policy resulting in endless wars threatens the very existence of civilization. Think, Trump, China and Iran.
  • The Great Depression of 2020 begins, thanks to Trump's bungled attempt to deal with COVID-19.
  • Violence looms as the weather gets hotter and more and more people, not having enough money to survive, begin to seeth while Wall Street and the billionaires continue to rake in record profits.
  • Tax cuts for billionaires while main street and the rest of the population continue to get screwed.
  • DOJ pushing to suspend "certain" Constitutional right to citizens vis a vis COVID-19.
  • The elimination of the 1st Amendment's separation of church and state clause thanks to the supremes.
  • Climate Change, the existential threat to mankind, is on the move ...
  • The list goes on and on and on ...
The role of the military in government is now in play ...

No, it doesn't and ... the clock is ticking ...

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