Saturday, June 13, 2020

Can you hear me now?

We all do Zoom, right? We all hear annoying noising things on computer when doing Zoom as well, right? ... like keyboard clicks, snack food crunchies and my two favorites, unanswered land and cell phone calls that go ad infinitum ...

Well, it seems Google, using AI and noise cancellation, has addressed this problem in stellar fashion if it works as well as the video seen above as it's impressive as hell IMHO. One would kill for this capability in video regarding speech as outside noise like wind, is a real problem when doing live where no one has control of anything save pointing the camera when doing a shoot.

The Cloud De-Noiser as it’s called uses machine learning to remove the noises but allow what’s being said to still be completely audible. Serge Lachapelle is the G Suite director of product management and he created a demo, seen on Venture Beat, of just how effective the process is.

It’s worth a listen because at times it’s hard to believe just how effective it is. Those potato chip rustlings are especially impressive. Lachapelle talks while he’s rustling the packet and though there is a different audio quality to his voice, every word is audible and understandable, but those pesky chips are as quiet as if you were eating jello. Or something else silent.

Zoom, are you listening?

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