Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Things must change ... Now

The picture of The Donald holding a bible is farcical at best. A cynical photo-op showing that the emperor has no clothes, a man desperate to be reelected is the key here as Agent Orange knows the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York is waiting to nail his ass on fraud and money laundering, among other crimes and misdemeanors, if he loses. 


For many in the crowd, Floyd’s death was the final spark to a reservoir of anger and despair. “It’s all of it. It’s all of it together,” Kandyce Baker, a thirty-one-year-old woman who held a sign with a painting of Floyd’s face, told me. “I think the tipping point for me started with Ahmaud Arbery. I’m an avid runner. I have a lot of friends who are avid runners. I ran nine marathons, and that could have been me. That could’ve easily been one of my friends.” (Arbery, who was twenty-five, was shot to death in February by two men while he was jogging in Brunswick, Georgia.) She added, “And then, after that, with Breonna Taylor and then George Floyd. It’s like having a Rodney King every day.”

Baker, who has a master’s degree in criminology, told me, “Not only do you have police protecting each other, but you also have police of color who are afraid to speak up because of the blue code of silence. And whether it’s because of retaliation, because they’re afraid that they’re going to lose their jobs . . . the police culture is incredibly toxic.

Times mus change ... Now

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