Thursday, October 27, 2016

Politically Correct

Politically Correct, you know, the euphemism for "acceptable" criticism of whatever is not free speech but rather, as per George Orwell's masterwork, Politics and the English Language, a deceitful way to avoid offending anyone who may disagree with you on subjects ranging from race, diversity, pornography or the bete noire of bete noires, religion, something rather disquieting to say the least given just how important the Founding Fathers considered free speech to be in penning the First Amendment of the Constitution.

What's really amazing is that college students are generally unaware of the 1st Amendment when railing against views held by others that may be offensive, which has lead to self censorship on the part of students and faculty in some of the most prestigious institutions in America. What's even worse is the fact self censorship is happening beyond the confines of the campus as seen by the press, which has become propaganda machines and not purveyors of speaking truth to power, something the Founding Fathers intended with Amendment No. 1 of the Constitution.

To this end, PEN America discusses self censorship in a comprehensive report detailing the dangers of curtailing freedom of expression in all arenas as FOS is the only mechanism capable of maintaining a democracy as articulated by the First Amendment.

And this.

Weasal words one and all. Read Politics and the English Language to see why George Orwell understood the importance of free speech better then anyone.

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