Monday, October 24, 2016

Clinton Cash

As you, my loyal readers know, Bernie was my man for POTUS, somebody I will continue to support by writing in Bernie's name when doing the deed on November 8th as the two candidates in this bottom feeder election are two entities yours truly cannot vote for in any way, shape or fashion. 

Two reasons for this decision centers on 1, Trump being a serial masher and out of control yahoo and 2, the inherent dishonesty of Clinton with emphasis given to the festering e-mail fiasco whereby many FBI insiders strongly believe Clinton should have been indicted, at a minimum, for criminal negligence of mishandling top secret data by hosting it on an unsecured server.

The "possible" raison d'ete for HRC getting off the hook, you guessed it, money, lots and lots of money.

It's all about the money - Robert E.

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