Thursday, October 20, 2016

ISpy - The 5 Eyes

Nations spy on each other 24/7 but listening to the disinformation bandied about in the three debates, it seems the US is portrayed as Lilly white and perfect while the Russians are cast as nefarious players all too ready to game the election for Trump by means of hacking, something rather questionable given the fact we do the same to Russia but Russia, being a mafia state, never divulges anything when the US does the deed when it negatively impacts Russia, particularly on the political side of things. As often stated in BRT, this piece is not about Hillary and the Donald but rather about the 5 Eyes, Australia, the US, England, New Zealand and Canada an alliance founded after WWII, that spies on the world 24/7.

Click ISpy to go to the interactive website showing how 5 Eyes does the deed 24/7.

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