Saturday, June 08, 2013

The reality of things

From 24/7 surveillance, courtesy of Prism, to the empty promise of energy independence from our beloved president, the incessant drumbeat of platitudes of newspeak issue forth from the corporate controlled press mimicing Minitrue, the political organ of Ingsoc, the party of Big Brother.

The Insoc logo (i.e. English Socialism) seen above, inadvertently shows how Democrats and Republicans go hand in hand when it comes to the really important things in life, i.e.1. Get elected  2. Stay in power by getting reelected and 3. Server the powers at be who enable the pols to stay in power by funneling money to their never ending campaigns for the sole purpose of getting reelected. With this in mind, some really smart wag stated, with true insight, that America is now a combination of 1984 and Brave New World with newspeak spouted by our politicians to explain away Iraq, Afghanistan, due process and energy independence while big media and the process food giants ply us with football, Cheese Doodles and machismo in the quise of huge trucks, beer and never ending patriotism.

Seen above is the stratification of society in 1984. Looks familiar doesn't it, especially when one substitutes the entities depicted with ones we are familiar with. i.e. The president, Congress/power elite, government workers and us rubes. Makes one think doesn't it?

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