Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Canary in the Coal Mine

Honey bees are a favorite of mine. Videotaping these industrial wonders doing their thing in flowers of all types never ceases to amaze but less of them come around doing what they do best because of what we are doing to their world.

In almost every way, if one looks at how we produce food and generate energy at industrial levels, the processes are inherently destructive as seen by the following:
  1. 90% of the fish stocks in the ocean are being harvested at a rate too fast for the sea to replenish.
  2. People and animals in PA are getting sick because of the environmental impact of fracking on their environment.
  3. The Alberta Tar Sands project is the largest land operation in the world. It could grow to the size of New York before all the Bitumen is extracted from the earth. 
  4. The tar sands di bit is the dirtiest fuel on earth.
  5. GMO corn is now banned in eight nations including Hungary, France and Mexico, but not in the US, due to the negetive impact it has had on the environment.
  6. Beef and chicken are unofficially considered frankenfoods thanks to the extensive use of steroids, antibiotics and genetic manipulation to produce livestock able to grow bigger and faster in time frames not possible to achieve without the use of these methodologies. See Food Inc as reference.
Any questions?

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