Sunday, June 09, 2013

Big Data - With a Twist

In reality, Big Brother, formerly know as the Total Information Awareness program, has morped into prism, a bigger and better way to spy on us using ever faster tech imbued with AI and ultra fast connects to the web, allowing said environment (NSA) to spy on anyone using digital systems (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc., etc.) linked to the internet. A this point in time, Prism is Big Brother edition 2013 but we already knew that, right? To this end, BRT has posted numerous blurbs about this disquieting development for quite some time as seen in a post titled Face Off & Then Some discussing face recognition and the NSA's now completed project of building the most powerful surveillance environment known to man (Bluffdale, UT).  

It gets creepier. With predicative analytics an essential part of big data, the notion of having a digital facsimile of the pre-cogs of Minority Report is not far off, something the NSA, among significant others, is avidly developing as this tech, supposedly, would not have the foibles of humanity as seen in Agatha, the most powerful of the three Pre-Cogs used by Pre-Crime, the special police force of the future circa 2054.

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