Saturday, March 10, 2012

Catching Some Rays

Catching some rays, a term often used in the late 60's when one wanted to become a lizard and soak up the sun big time, now applies to solar energy whereby imitating how the cochlea works enables metamaterials to absorb light with unprecedented efficiency, an absolute requirement if solar is to become a prime driver in changing how we do business on planet earth.

But it gets better.

For 60 years, man has talked about the brave new world of tech and how it will change everything, a notion always viewed in the abstract, an event always consigned to the future. Well, that concept is forever gone, replaced by the fact tech is changing society in ways unable to be predicted at rates unimagined just a few years ago, something to consider as we move further into the future, don't you think?

Addendum: This terrific animation shows the inner workings of the cochlea and how it's design applies to the saw tooth way of building revolutionary solar tech, which shows, in direct fashion, how acute observation, combined with knowledge and a sense of play, leads to acts of creation that can change the world.
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