Saturday, March 03, 2012

Key Words

The words contained in this word cloud is but a small sampling of words being analyzed by The Department of Homeland Security, the "wonderful" government agency given to us by "W", the most esteemed of presidents. Just go to Animal to see the entire list, which theoretically could indite us all given just how extensive the list truly is.

David Brin is right. We want the right to be left alone as privacy is forever gone and one must learn to live with it whether one likes it or not. 

His insightful quote says it all.

Switch: Do you think that the costs involved in maintaining personal privacy are greater (or could become greater), than any utility of maintaining privacy?

David Brin: Depends on whether you mean real privacy or illusory privacy. Many people want the subjective sensation of being left alone. They understand – and don't mind – that governments and corporations know all about them, as long as those forces are polite and don't rub it in. Other people are concerned about actually controlling what is known about them by others. This latter goal can be difficult, costly, and frustratingly impossible.

The third kind of privacy – the kind we may be able to achieve – comes from having an enforceable right to be left mostly alone. This can come only from protecting yourself by knowing more, rather than trying to prevent others from knowing.

And so it goes - KV
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