Sunday, March 11, 2012


Creating physical books as a viable business venture in today's connected world is finished, (Lavish art books remain the lone exception.) a topic BRT has talked about on numerous occasions in the past but the niggling doubt on when the transition would finally occur depended on a device able to render type and images at a resolution equivalent to the printed page in a form factor amenable to reading, something considered to be doable but remained, at the time, to be out of reach, until now. The new iPAD changes all of that and yes, I will get one because the impact of this device goes beyond imagination.

Note: Yours truly is NOT a fanboy of Apple although after seeing this, one never knows, do one? :)

Addendum: I got one. The guesstimate is correct. This is the first of a multitude of devices consigning print to the dustbin of history, a fact yours truly finds both sad and disquieting at the same time.
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