Friday, July 31, 2009


I was a pretty good jazz musician back in the late 60's having studied at Berklee School of Music prior to being in the Army (I avoided 'Nam thank god). While there, the talk among us drummers centered around Tony Williams, the outrageous 18 year old drummer for Miles Davis' second great group (Wayne Shorter - Tenor Sax, Ron Carter - Bass, Tony Williams - Drums & Herbie Handcock - Piano) and, of course, the best jazz album of all time, Kind of Blue.

I mention this as I saw the rare 1959 video recording of Miles done just after Kind of Blue was released in 1959. In looking at this, I was struck by just how confident Davis was in playing jazz as modern today as it was done 50 years ago.

Quintessence is the operative term for a musician and record that stands with the very best art ever produced by man.

Had to add this masterpiece as well. Cannoball's solo just rocks. (The first great MD group that did Kind of Blue and Milestones included Cannonball Adderly - Alto Sax, John Colltrane - Tenor Sax, Philly Joe Jones - Drums, Paul Chambers - Bass & Bill Evans - Piano. Red Garland did the honors on Milestones.)
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