Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Capital Hill Blue is a place I visit almost every day. Headed by veteran reporter Doug Thomson, this bastion of non-partisan, up front news on the under doings of Washington keeps me entertained and informed on the malfeasance of politicians no matter what their party may be. BRT normally doesn't discuss politics directly except through the lens of tech and science but a really powerful post by Thomson titled Storm Clouds Loom Over Obamaland encouraged yours truly to write a comment that struck a nerve with the really informed group of CHB responders who also question why this country is in such trouble and why nothing is being done about it.

The last sentence of Storm Clouds really hits home.

"The bottom line: Americans, Republicans and even members of Obama's own party are tired of the rhetoric. They want specifics, not rosy scenarios. They want action, not grandiose promises. The honeymoon is over. Reality has set in."

My comment...

"Never stop questioning." Einstein

The time to tell the truth is nigh. Obama lacks the courage to tell America happy driving days are over. Consider the electric car. Even if a 100 million of these were built in the next month, the electric grid could never supply enough energy to keep these vehicles on the road unless they were so efficient as to defy state-of-the art technology as it exists today. Obama had his chance in the first month of his administration to really make change happen. What he did instead was to hire the bozos who created the economic disaster we are now facing. We are in desparate trouble that requires the kind of change that can get one killed.

Things Obama should have done:

1. Abolish the Fed. It is a private cartel protected by government run by bankers (GS) for bankers. (An act of Congress can do the deed without a problem.)

2. No TARP money. Sweden let their banks die when they had a crisis and their economy rebounded in quick fashion. Why should we the taxpayer pick up the tab for criminal investments.

3. Let the banks die. Protect depositors, screw investors. They bet on bad investments and lost.

4. Restore Glass-Stegall.

5. Criminal indictments on the Banksters

6. Criminal indictments on the BA

7. Cut defense spending

8. Single payer healthcare, period. Insurance companies, like CC companies are tied into central banking. Any questions?

9. Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Why are we there?

Also, I am sick and tired of hearing the words young and inexperienced as a way to explain why Obama has done nothing but cave in to the banksters that run this country. That's crap! Common sense and intelligence combined with a little bit of research will tell anyone what's wrong with this country's finances. I learned how money is created in this nation and it's not rocket science.

Factoid: We are past peak oil. It will never drive the economy again. Why? The world consumes 84 million barrels of oil per day. Iraq has 116 billion proven reservers. In 12 days, the world consumes 1 billion barrels of oil. Ergo. Iraq can supply the entire world's thirst for oil for approximately 3.16 years if consumption does not increase. (12 X 96.7 = 1160 days (3.18 years) or 116 billion barrels of oil. Because oil reserves are in decline, the economy must depend on new resources to survive. Obama's current course is nonsensical because cheap energy in the quise of oil will never return to the "good old days".

If Obama's to save his administration, he has to take charge and kick ass, qualities I don't see at this point in time. We are on the brink of failure and violence as we slide into depression and despair, not a good place to be in when Global Warming is factored into the equation.

Great presidents lead. Right now, I put Obama in with Woodrow Wilson, the ineffective intellectual who abdicated this country's right to manage it's money (the Fed, 1913, The IRS, 1912), an act he considered to be the worst thing he ever did as president.

Great article BTW.

The positive comments of fellow CHB writers about this "rant" really touched me as so many people in this country truly love America and want her to succeed in the spirit of the Founding Fathers, a group of men who conceived a country founded on freedom and self reliance with respect for other nation's rights. The Founding Fathers were imperfect, as we all are, but they had the best of intentions in creating something of true value, a notion we cannot lose if we are to succeed as a nation.
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