Friday, July 31, 2009


More and more it looks likely life is everywhere in our universe.

"A recent mathematical analysis says that life as we know it is written into the laws of reality. DNA is built from a set of twenty amino acids - the first ten of those can create simple prebiotic life, and now it seems that those ten are thermodynamically destined to occur wherever they can.

For those unfamiliar with thermodynamics, it's the Big Brother of all energy equations and science itself. You can apply quantum mechanics at certain scales, and Newtonian mechanics work at the right speeds, but if Thermodynamics says something then everyone listens."

Articles about the possibility of life existing outside of earth has been discussed before in BRT but this post shows researchers tying the possibility of same to the laws of Thermodynamics thus putting forth a concept that have the gravitas needed to finally put the designer theory of reality into the realm of religion and not science. Click on the image below to get another, more technical view into this new approach to life and how it relates to our existence.

Click on Into the Cool cover to get the goods on why Thermodynamics coupled with life is such a big deal. Click here to get the BRT blurb discussing this ground breaking book along with other works that describe the intricacies of nature in elegant and profound ways.

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