Tuesday, June 04, 2019

To Biblical Proportions

BRT has examined climate change for 12+ years with each year showing how CC is inching ever closer to Biblical Proportions as temperates continue to rise at an alarming rate due to not only the increase in fossil fuel emissions but also to the increase of C02 and Methane in the far north driven, in large part, by the conversion of the Arctic from heat reflector to heat sink due to the loss of ice & it's reflective albedo that kept earth cool for millennia. With this being said, the feedback loops that feed off this loss of ice and continued fossil fuel burning promises to amplify the impact of CC in truly terrifying ways if nothing is immediately done to move toward sustainables as man moves further into the 21st century.

It gets better ...

End game ...

Note: As often said in BRT, we haven't even talked about environmental degradation, resource depletion and the issue of too many people, let alone the slow reduction of intelligence caused by the injection of more C02 into the atmosphere (415/ppm & climbing) as C02 makes one dumber by depriving us rubes of enough oxygen to remain relatively smart. Ask WWII submariners about this inconvenient fact while perusing this blurb. Yours truly certainly has.

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