Sunday, June 23, 2019

Creativity 101


Creativity 101:
  1. The Act of Creation - Arthur Koestler: The creative act is the joining together of two or more seemingly dissimilar ideas that generate a heretofore unexpected result. i.e. Chemistry - H20 consists of 2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen atoms, both explosive yet, when combined, becomes water.
    The joke: Henny Youngman - Take my wife, Please. :)
  2. Creativity starts with the asking of a question: Why is this the way it is?
    Question everything - Einstein
  3. The ability to see relationships is key because everything is connected as reality is a Quantum space and entanglement stitches it together.
  4. Play is indispensable. What if ... is the real deal here. A sense of wonderment is essential. :)
  5. Creativity takes courage as new ideas disrupt the "natural" order of things.
  6. Creativity is problem-solving. It matters not the discipline used save that said discipline shapes how the creative act is produced.
  7. The act itself is ineffable and cannot be explained. Like quantum, creativity just happens. It cannot be forced, only acted upon when the idea shows up. The finished act is anything but as it can be explained after the fact without issue.
  8. Practice makes better. Beginners mind and intuition are key.
  9. The size of the problem solved dictates the significance of the creative act. i.e. Mixing anchovies with pineapples on a pizza is a creative act. The size or importance of the problem solved, not so much while Einstein's Theory of relativity proving that Newton was wrong at a universal scale, is.
  10. Creativity, like tech and existence, has no morality. It simply is.
  11. Stay hungry, stay foolish - Stewart Brand/Whole Earth Catalog. :)


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