Friday, June 10, 2016

The Notion of Sleaze

The Notion of Sleaze, you know, kickbacks, coverups, use of position to make money, arrogance, hubris and telling people to F... Off if it doesn't correspond to undeserved entitlement kind of says it all regarding Hillary.

Well, how’s that for timing?

This week, Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination and snagged President Obama’s endorsement, defeating a challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders, who argued that she was too cozy with wealthy interests who had an undue voice in government.

The same week, ABC News has reported that a man named Rajiv Fernando, a top donor to the Clinton Foundation, was added to the State Department’s International Security Advisory Board at the behest of the secretary of state’s office. Fernando appeared not to have the same qualifications as many other ISAB members, other than prolific giving to Democratic interests. When ABC started asking the department about Fernando, newly revealed emails show, staffers scrambled to find a way to defend the appointment. Eventually, Fernando stepped down two days after ABC’s initial questions.

As for Trump, the question of bait & switch and using other people's money comes to mind regarding a "university" that never was by any stretch of the imagination.

So the two questions to ask are: 

1. Who are you going to vote for? & ...
2, Out of a nation of 350 million, is this the best we can do?


1. None of the above & ...
2. Given the sad state of politics in this once great nation, the answer is unfortunately yes.

And so it goes. - K. Vonnegut

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