Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Moment of Silence

Every time I hear the words A Moment of Silence in reference to yet another shooting by some deranged bastard looking for either justification for his miserable existence or belief in some twisted version of religion X, makes me want to scream. 90% of us want GUN CONTROL! You know, something akin to the ATF version whereby citizen X is going to be fingerprinted, licensed and gun in hand, registered, or you go to jail. The ATF law, The National Fire Arms Act, has been in existence for over 80 years yet is NOT the law we need implemented. Now is the time to do this so when Ryan asked for, yet again, a moment of silence, some pols actually said F' you and rightfully stated the fact the moment of silence was a disgrace to the innocents killed. This is why we need referendums, this is why we need term limits, this is why we need to take back our country from the fools in congress because this crap cannot be allowed to continue. 

But something actually good happened ...

Where's the bill? We the people demand action, NOW!!!


Omar Mateen bought the assault rifle he used to kill 49 people at Pulse nightclub eight days before Sunday's shooting. The owner of the store that sold him the gun, St. Lucie Shooting Center, said on Tuesday that Mateen passed a background check. (In Florida, a background check is essentially just a query of several databases to determine whether the buyer has any felony convictions, active warrants or domestic-violence injunctions.)

But that was it! There was no waiting period. Under Florida law, he did not need a permit to purchase or carry the rifle, nor a license to own it. 

Here are five things that are harder to get in the state of Florida than an assault rifle.
  1. Abortion
  2. Drivers's License
  3. Solar Panels
  4. Voter-registration cards
  5. An exotic animal
Am I missing something here?

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