Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Eat Sh**T & Die

National politicians are covered by generous HC packages as we all know. Full boat stuff that these geniuses will get for the REST OF THEIR LIVES after serving one term, thanks to our stupid largess, gives them a huge leg up on living large but if your a poor rube living in, for the most part, a repubican-governed southern state that refused Medicare Expansion, the chances of getting medicare, unless said rube is truly poor, is chancy at best.

This is where education comes in because if people truly understood how the ultra rich game the system by doing the us against them bit, they would revolt and vote the bastards out of office who have systemically screwed the citizens they are suppose to represent. 

Scott Walker anyone?

Addendum: Click here to access the NY Times post. Click the graphic to access the superb interactive NY Times map to see how Americans are getting shafted by our wonderful politicians.

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