Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Insanity Is ...

Apart from Einstein's wonderful definition of insanity "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.", there are different kinds of insanity like that of the US and it's decent into this wonderful realm regarding politics or the lack thereof.

Indicators of this dire future becoming true are everywhere from dysfunctional governance, healthcare and infrastructure decay to gross financial inequality ginned by WS and the Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex. Factor in the 2016 election as catalyst with two corrupt entities doing the drill and add in the dark troika of environmental degradation, resource depletion and global warming and you have a CF in the making. 

  • Term Limits: 2 for senate, 4 for house.
  • No Gerrymandering.
  • 10 year term for SC justices.
  • Binding Referendums for issues affecting all Americans. Vietnam, Iraq & Libya anyone?
  • No revolving door: When you're out of politics, you don't lobby.
  • Public financing of campaigns.
  • Part time Congress with pay parsed out accordingly.
  • Perks end when politicians leave office.
  • HC for politicians, the same as the rest of us.
  • Congress shall obey the laws they pass.
  • No self imposed raises.
  • Transparency in terms of how budgets are created.
  • Daily minutes of senate and house posted online.
  • Single payer HC. Everybody in, nobody out.
  • Restore our civil rights.
  • Balance the budget with emphasis given to rebuilding infrastructure and not to endless wars.
Any questions?

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